Castle Cary train station in Somerset is one of the quietest in the country – until the Glastonbury Festival starts. Within hours the station suddenly has to handle thousands and thousands of festival-goers. The brief here was to capture this transformation for FGW.

The three day project was well within the capacity of our 9000mAh batteries but we had to come up with a new mounting solution to get the best viewpoints. One Canon 5dMK2 camera was superclamped onto a metal beam designed to attached advertising banners to lamposts. Although the weight of the camera was well within the tolerance of the support it was also secured with safety bonds – something we use on all installations.

A second camera was mounted upside down on a passenger bridge using girder clamps. There was a small amount of movement when people used the bridge but this was removed in post.

Sequence_02.Still001 The banner arm lamppost support in action