One of the most difficult skills in timelapse photography is controlling all the variables which detract from allowing the viewer to concentrating on the one movement you are trying to capture. There’s a classic example here. We want the viewer to concentrate on the sand artists but, on top of the cliff, the wind is blowing the camera all over the place. Despite weighing it down duringĀ the four hour shoot there was much vibration and one big gust moved the camera dramatically. Hopefully you didn’t notice too much, we used two techniques in post that are invaluable for the timelapse photographer. First is the ‘warp stabilizer’ filter in Premiere Pro – it takes time to apply but keeps the camera rock steady. Secondly, as we had shot the stills much bigger than the final 1920 x 1080 we were able to add a gradual zoom in, then zoom out to disguise the big jolt.